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Bro, I just learned that some people can’t read analog clocks. Those clocks with two (sometimes three) arms: shorter one usually for hours and the longer one for minutes. There sometimes is a third arm that counts for seconds but it’s not really relevant.

I’m the type to have all my clocks set in the 24-hour mode so like 7:17pm is 19:17 for me. I get the usual, “Why do you have military time?” or something like that. And I usually say it makes it easier to distinguish morning from night time for me. But in reality, I just think it looks cooler. I also enjoy seeing some people struggle subtract 13 from 24 so that’s that.

Anyways, analog clocks are a different story. Growing up I thought it was mandatory for everyone to know how to read analog clocks. It was everywhere so how can you not? Like I remember being taught about it in elementary or something like that. And it’s like, it just makes sense. More sense than the 24 hour time thing.

One day I was out with a friends then somehow we talked about the time and he said, “I can’t read analog clocks.” I was like huuuuhhhhh? I asked questions like did no one teach him, or did he never have a situation where the only way you can know the time is through an analog clock?

He was like, he learned about it but it never stuck. And it’s like he’s had those situations before and he always had to ask for help.

We talked about how it was a good skill to know, but it wasn’t essential anymore. It could be a disability thing. And it’s just crazy for me to think about: 1. how some things I thought I wouldn’t survive not knowing in real life, would actually be not that serious. 2. the skills needed 20 years ago and skills needed now are waaaaaaaay different. Some teachers made it seem like if I can’t read an analog clock, I wouldn’t be able to graduate and/or have a secure future.

I wonder what other things I make seem more important than it really is. I don’t like the unconscious unnecessary stress that I put on myself because of things like those.

But like, I like knowing how to read analog clocks.

Hehe peace;