trumpet guy

I went for a walk last Friday to clear my head and get my steps in. Then I came across this guy performing a song with his trumpet and a speaker so I was like, “Why not hear it out.” BROOOO, I was mesmerized by the song, its message, and his vocals.

He was talking about how you can channel negative energy into positive energy by sharing love with the world which you can do by doing what you love to do.

Here’s a part of the 8-minute ish long song he played:

I guess I overly enjoyed the piece at the time because:

1. I was soooo deep in my head that a distraction from my thoughts made me feel good.

2. The advice from his piece (not included in the clip) resonated with what I was feeling.

3. The instrumental felt like it was crawling through my skin prolly cuz I was baked but also because it was catchy.

Anyways, hope ya’ll enjoy that as much as I did.

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