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stopped watching the news for almost years now. the cable tv news that usually goes on in the morning or at night? those ones. only source of info is twitter or instagram. that’s crazy. but even those ones i avoid reading.

the news to me is like a recap of everything terrible that goes on in the world. and why would i want that. id just worry.

honestly felt better and less paranoid compared to when i was watching it a few years ago. recommend.



deleted my main instagram account today because i feel like it’s not me anymore. i made it what like 10 years ago. followed people to be followed back to have more followers loooooool. then get pissed when they unfollow. and i get scared to post on there for some reason lol.

that’s why i follow accounts whos posts i actually don’t mind watching and makes me feel good about myself. not compare myself to other people.

it’s kinda a self care thing.



what has reusing and recycling come to?

when you buy a reusable cup, it’s because you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint by reusing that SAID reusable cup instead of using different cups. NOT TO buy 10 different reusable cups and onwards and throw them away after using them twice or thrice because u don’t need them no more and it doesn’t fit ur aesthetic. like miss ma’am???? what’s the point of buying reusable shit. that defeats its purpose to throw it away instead of reusing or giving it to people who actually need it.

and thrift stores?? i get it, shop sustainably. but is it really sustainable if you only use a top you thrifted ONCE OR TWICE ever then it ends up being thrown away and in the landfill instead of giving it to people who actually need it? not only is that not sustainable, yall r also supporting the increase of prices of thrift stores (value village) who get their items FOR FREE and has the AUDACITY to sell a nicely made shit for oVER $10?? like ok i get it inflation, BUT YALL GET YO SHIT FOR FREE and hundreds to thousands of different clothes and items every day that’s gotta be at least 3 dollars each.

yea it’s better than shopping fast fashion and it’s entirely ur fault prices r going up, but like come on. think needs vs wants sometimes. and the environment. and if u really have good fashion sense, you’d know how to wear the same top multiple times without it looking basic.



phone nd socials r so distracting. how do u manage?

quitting def not an option bc i did it before and it worked for a week then did the same thing after.

literally 21st century problems

especially rn we in a v open generation where everyone puts everything on the internet. (when i say everyone i don’t mean every one)

blog update


i’ve had this blog for 8 months nowwww pero I’m not satisfied with how much posts r here or whatever. it was for my pub class for uni & erased half of the uni content after that semester and now just keeping it going till September 20.

apparently if u want to grow, u have to be part of a niche and create content that caters to that audience. but bro i have so many things i wanna do that i can’t choose just one. and i have so many options that choosing where to start is confusing.

starting feels like so much work. like i haven’t even done anything yet but i feel pressured. but like pressured for what. literally just start.

september twenty, i have my eyes on u.



i saw a post that said, siblings are raised by different versions of their parents, and that shit lowkey hit hard. cuz like, isn’t it unfair u were treated differently like a test subject almost. now another one of u comes out and suddenly they just know what to do or how to treat them right?

and u cant even blame them because if you are the oldest, they’re gonna say it’s their first time being parents too, same as how ur the first to go out in the world and figure things out on your own. that’s crazy bruh.

and what is also annoying is when younger siblings do shit that you weren’t able to do when you were their age. like fuck, ok if they’re my age now, what other shit are they gonna do that I’m not doing rn.

ahh idk if the trauma is showing but if u know u know haha


cya on the next one

sephora favs april 2023


in honor of the sephora spring sale, I’m going to share my favs from the store. not a makeup or skincare pro butttt it’s what works for me :))


too faced – born this way concealer (natural beige)

holy grail concealer. very pigmented and actually conceals without making it feel heavy on the skin. colour match is immaculate too. been using for years, and i have 2 different shades for every season. that’s how u know it’s good.

rare beauty – soft pinch liquid blush (worth)

very pigmented. i still have my sample size from when this first came out, that’s how u know how much product is in this. easy to blend and is actually very light on the skin. the shade is soooo cute literally looks like im sunburnt but better. too pigmented tho sometimes i have to put a layer of concealer over it so it won’t look “too much.”

benefit cosmetics – 24-hr brow gel with lamination effect

does its job. makes my brows stay in place the whooooole day. only should’ve gotten the mini though because the bigger one gets stains when i combine it with concealer. works best imo with the brow freeze.

Anastasia beverly hills – brow freeze

sets my brows well. i always pair it witht he benefit 24-hr brow gel and it makes my brows look laminated and clean. literally doesn’t move for 24 hours. when i put it on for too long, it gets flakey butttt then again i should not be putting it on for too long anyways. s/o khaila for putting me on!!

charlotte tilbury – Hollywood contour wand

best contour wand i’ve ever had BUT wont be repurchasing because of the price. i strongly believe that the “dupe” trend started becuase of this item. $53 for 0.40 ounces???? BUT OK it blends so EASY on ur skin. and i like the applicator bc it’s so soft on the skin. i like this product soooo much but the price is just outrageous.

hourglass – translucent setting powder

had this for years. it’s probably expired but it still works so im still using it. does it’s job well. i originally looked for something that doesn’t cause flashbacks on photos && the sephora lady 2 years ago recommended this and she knows her thing well. i learned thought that if ur trying to do a dewy makeup, u can’t use powder to set ur whole face bc it will just mattify it.


youth to the people – Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Night Mask with Vitamin C

been using this since 2019 when my naturopath recommended it for my skin. girl it’s amazing and clean. it makes my skin soooo moisturized after using benzoyl peroxide. i love the scent toooo. i feel like they switched up the formula though because the newer ones look lighter than the older ones. but A+ for recyclable packaging.

youth to the people – Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Oil

i didn’t see the need to use toners because i didn’t like how it felt on my skin soooo i started putting this before my moisturizers and boyyyyy it makes me feel clean and dewy. holy grail for winter because i’d say it saved my skin from being soooo dry. i also love the scent. i soo want to try more products from this brand because they seem cool asf and i love the packaging.

kiehl’s – ultra facial cream

can’t find the link so no sponsor for u. but i had the mini one to try and it lasted me 3 months and i soooo like the consistency and how easy it absorbs on my skin. lightweight asf so it feels like ur putting on nothing. good for the summer ig. BUTTTT brands do this thing where they switch up their formulas out of nowhere now idk if the one on the sephora website is the one that i used to use.

farmacy – Honey Halo Ultra-Hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer

one of my fav clean brands. if i tell u this moisturizer saved my skin, u have to believe me. this was sent to me out of nowhere & i didn’t have high expectations (literally no expectations at all). at first i got iffy because the scent was not something i was used to. but i kept using it and i got used to the scent. and bro i didn’t even notice results till i ran out of this and realized that my skin got so hydrated compared to when i wasn’t using this. used every bit of this & looking to get more!

sol de janeiro – brazilian crush cheriosa (caramelized vanilla and macadamia)

this scent is not on the sephora website no more but i found a link. it smells like summer and coconuts!!

k that’s it. did my best to link the items whether u care or not. hopefully next year imma make one like this but it’s sponsored from brands that i genuinely like 🙂

thanks cya 😉

30 day declutter challenge


other than the posting everyday in April challenge (which clearly i am still completing in may), i wanna start decluttering my environment like my room, books, clothes, digital space, and car.


i feel like having a clear space = clear mind. and having too many things around me would make me easily distracted. it would also help me save money by looking at things that i have been buying that i don’t really need. which then would make me appreciate things i already have. like when i used to want something sooooo much i would spend months saving for it, but now that i have it, i don’t even bat an eye or use it as much, ya know?

i would be lying if i said i wasn’t thinking of doing a big room declutter the past few months. i would only be emptying the trash, or hiding things in the back of my closet instead of being intentional with my stuff. aaaaaand whenever I’m doing something outside, I’m always, “I’ll clean it when I’m back” or “I’ll clean it during the weekend.” even when I’m at work id sometimes think, “i could be cleaning my room rn” but when i get home i never do cuz i get lazy.

i also saw a youtuber doing a declutter video which gave me the push to start it. ( )


she used the minimalism game where you declutter one item in day one, two in day two, three things in the third day, and continues until day 30. but she mixed up the number of items every day but still ended up decluttering 465 items. which i am also going to try to do.

i also would want to take note of the 20-20 rule of decluttering where if you can replace something for less than $20 in under 20 minutes, it can be decluttered. just because i struggle getting rid of stuff because “what if i need it next week” when I’ve been saying that for the past five months.

k who knows if i switch it up a bit midway hehe imma put it as a menu option up there somewhere.

kthx cya



this account on Instagram that i recently followed archived all her posts that had insights about life, meditation, religion, beliefs and shit. now idk where to look for when I’m feeling down and need to remind myself of a better mindset about life.

apparently there’s a rebrand going on. bitchhhhh i followed u for that rzn :/

anyways, guess I’ll be the one giving insights to myself from now on from the books that I’ve read, videos I’ve watched, or anyfuckinthing that comes to mind.


quit social media


i quit using tiktok a few months ago because it got too addicting. i deactivated my account and deleted the app off my phone. fomo felt real the first month because bro what trends or new stuff am i missing. new music?? new cute clothes?? makeup??

now that i look back at it, it actually benefit me.


1. made me save money by not buying cute unnecessary stuff (charlotte tilbury contour)

2. take control of my time an not use it til 5 in the morning even when i only said imma use it for an hour til i go to sleep

3. finish my tasks instead of scrolling mindlessly on the fuckin app

4. stop comparing myself on other people and remind myself it is a highlight reel not their whole life

5. stop my ocd triggers or when it put shit ideas in my head that aren’t mine which makes me oveerthink everything even though it doesn’t involve me AT ALL

6. and actually listen to a whole song instead of its best part (steve lacy)

and i know, half of these i could probably stop if i have self control, but i don’t. that’s why i said it was addicting. addicted people do their habits mindlessly. i literally told my therapist “i could stop using it if i don’t want to use it, i just want to” when she told me to stop using the app for a day every week. and when i did stop and felt good but when back to it bc i got bored, i told her “i started using the app again,” she said, “that’s what addicts say.” now I’m like, fuck. r u forrealzies.

anyways life felt better after that.

and i still have Instagram and snapchat. and obvi i use reels to cope. but guess who’s starting to watch IG reels to seek dopamine??

but like ok i feel like this time i have better control of my use for it. but i don’t want to spiral again.

and ik when I’m on my phone too much i start feeling like shit when it occupies my time more than doing other productive stuff.

so i wanna quit social media for bit.

but like the fomo and shit.

and i whenever i quit social media and then come back, i feel good for a few days but then go back to the old habits. maybe instead of quitting, manage my time on it wisely?? ughh if i figure it out imma tell ya’ll.

k cya