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decluttering – day 1

moving my shelves and tables around and seeing a general view of my items. got rid of food stuff and coffee. returned clothes (that i borrowed) hehe.

8 items today!

30 day declutter challenge


other than the posting everyday in April challenge (which clearly i am still completing in may), i wanna start decluttering my environment like my room, books, clothes, digital space, and car.


i feel like having a clear space = clear mind. and having too many things around me would make me easily distracted. it would also help me save money by looking at things that i have been buying that i don’t really need. which then would make me appreciate things i already have. like when i used to want something sooooo much i would spend months saving for it, but now that i have it, i don’t even bat an eye or use it as much, ya know?

i would be lying if i said i wasn’t thinking of doing a big room declutter the past few months. i would only be emptying the trash, or hiding things in the back of my closet instead of being intentional with my stuff. aaaaaand whenever I’m doing something outside, I’m always, “I’ll clean it when I’m back” or “I’ll clean it during the weekend.” even when I’m at work id sometimes think, “i could be cleaning my room rn” but when i get home i never do cuz i get lazy.

i also saw a youtuber doing a declutter video which gave me the push to start it. ( )


she used the minimalism game where you declutter one item in day one, two in day two, three things in the third day, and continues until day 30. but she mixed up the number of items every day but still ended up decluttering 465 items. which i am also going to try to do.

i also would want to take note of the 20-20 rule of decluttering where if you can replace something for less than $20 in under 20 minutes, it can be decluttered. just because i struggle getting rid of stuff because “what if i need it next week” when I’ve been saying that for the past five months.

k who knows if i switch it up a bit midway hehe imma put it as a menu option up there somewhere.

kthx cya