sephora favs april 2023


in honor of the sephora spring sale, I’m going to share my favs from the store. not a makeup or skincare pro butttt it’s what works for me :))


too faced – born this way concealer (natural beige)

holy grail concealer. very pigmented and actually conceals without making it feel heavy on the skin. colour match is immaculate too. been using for years, and i have 2 different shades for every season. that’s how u know it’s good.

rare beauty – soft pinch liquid blush (worth)

very pigmented. i still have my sample size from when this first came out, that’s how u know how much product is in this. easy to blend and is actually very light on the skin. the shade is soooo cute literally looks like im sunburnt but better. too pigmented tho sometimes i have to put a layer of concealer over it so it won’t look “too much.”

benefit cosmetics – 24-hr brow gel with lamination effect

does its job. makes my brows stay in place the whooooole day. only should’ve gotten the mini though because the bigger one gets stains when i combine it with concealer. works best imo with the brow freeze.

Anastasia beverly hills – brow freeze

sets my brows well. i always pair it witht he benefit 24-hr brow gel and it makes my brows look laminated and clean. literally doesn’t move for 24 hours. when i put it on for too long, it gets flakey butttt then again i should not be putting it on for too long anyways. s/o khaila for putting me on!!

charlotte tilbury – Hollywood contour wand

best contour wand i’ve ever had BUT wont be repurchasing because of the price. i strongly believe that the “dupe” trend started becuase of this item. $53 for 0.40 ounces???? BUT OK it blends so EASY on ur skin. and i like the applicator bc it’s so soft on the skin. i like this product soooo much but the price is just outrageous.

hourglass – translucent setting powder

had this for years. it’s probably expired but it still works so im still using it. does it’s job well. i originally looked for something that doesn’t cause flashbacks on photos && the sephora lady 2 years ago recommended this and she knows her thing well. i learned thought that if ur trying to do a dewy makeup, u can’t use powder to set ur whole face bc it will just mattify it.


youth to the people – Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Night Mask with Vitamin C

been using this since 2019 when my naturopath recommended it for my skin. girl it’s amazing and clean. it makes my skin soooo moisturized after using benzoyl peroxide. i love the scent toooo. i feel like they switched up the formula though because the newer ones look lighter than the older ones. but A+ for recyclable packaging.

youth to the people – Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Oil

i didn’t see the need to use toners because i didn’t like how it felt on my skin soooo i started putting this before my moisturizers and boyyyyy it makes me feel clean and dewy. holy grail for winter because i’d say it saved my skin from being soooo dry. i also love the scent. i soo want to try more products from this brand because they seem cool asf and i love the packaging.

kiehl’s – ultra facial cream

can’t find the link so no sponsor for u. but i had the mini one to try and it lasted me 3 months and i soooo like the consistency and how easy it absorbs on my skin. lightweight asf so it feels like ur putting on nothing. good for the summer ig. BUTTTT brands do this thing where they switch up their formulas out of nowhere now idk if the one on the sephora website is the one that i used to use.

farmacy – Honey Halo Ultra-Hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer

one of my fav clean brands. if i tell u this moisturizer saved my skin, u have to believe me. this was sent to me out of nowhere & i didn’t have high expectations (literally no expectations at all). at first i got iffy because the scent was not something i was used to. but i kept using it and i got used to the scent. and bro i didn’t even notice results till i ran out of this and realized that my skin got so hydrated compared to when i wasn’t using this. used every bit of this & looking to get more!

sol de janeiro – brazilian crush cheriosa (caramelized vanilla and macadamia)

this scent is not on the sephora website no more but i found a link. it smells like summer and coconuts!!

k that’s it. did my best to link the items whether u care or not. hopefully next year imma make one like this but it’s sponsored from brands that i genuinely like 🙂

thanks cya 😉

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