what has reusing and recycling come to?

when you buy a reusable cup, it’s because you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint by reusing that SAID reusable cup instead of using different cups. NOT TO buy 10 different reusable cups and onwards and throw them away after using them twice or thrice because u don’t need them no more and it doesn’t fit ur aesthetic. like miss ma’am???? what’s the point of buying reusable shit. that defeats its purpose to throw it away instead of reusing or giving it to people who actually need it.

and thrift stores?? i get it, shop sustainably. but is it really sustainable if you only use a top you thrifted ONCE OR TWICE ever then it ends up being thrown away and in the landfill instead of giving it to people who actually need it? not only is that not sustainable, yall r also supporting the increase of prices of thrift stores (value village) who get their items FOR FREE and has the AUDACITY to sell a nicely made shit for oVER $10?? like ok i get it inflation, BUT YALL GET YO SHIT FOR FREE and hundreds to thousands of different clothes and items every day that’s gotta be at least 3 dollars each.

yea it’s better than shopping fast fashion and it’s entirely ur fault prices r going up, but like come on. think needs vs wants sometimes. and the environment. and if u really have good fashion sense, you’d know how to wear the same top multiple times without it looking basic.

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